The company “Prolife Technology” Ltd. was founded as a family company in 1993. That same year the company bought Ceramic factory Mirkovo and after 4 month period of repair and restoration work in September 1993 the brick factory was restored. This plant is the first private business factory after the changes in 1989.

The main activity is related to the production of quality ceramic products using the most modern technology and the introduction of proven best practices to production optimisation. We strive to implement our new range of technologies in construction to correspond directly with the latest trends and requirements in the building industry for energy efficiency and optimized costs.

“Prolayf Technology” Ltd. is a Bulgarian company and as such evaluates the social and other role in society.

Our mission is to provide our customers with high quality products tailored to their needs and contributed to the development and growth of its manufacturing and commercial activity performed in a highly competitive environment through investment and development activities and human resources. One of the most important elements of the company’s policy in the 20 year history of ” Prolife Technology ” Ltd. are correct customer service, quality products and extremely advantageous price conditions.

Managerial staff has ambition for innovation and the highest standards in all our activities in order to work for continuous improvement and maintenance of high satisfaction of our customers and distributors , and to offer products of proven quality , backed by professionalism and experience. We strive to develop a modern type of distribution, which, through its economic efficiency enables us to maintain and introduce high-tech production , and to reinvest to improve and enhance our know -how.

Over the years,  ”Prolife Technology Ltd. as operator of Ceramic factory Mirkovo has been proven as reliable Bulgarian producer, employer and partner.

Company’s success is due to primarily to the pursuit of development, innovation and commitment to the work of all the members from our team.

The company slogan is “Technology for Life “, this means that our activities realize in order of this technology , no matter how complex is the technology we do it with environmental responsibility, the people who produce it so every manufactured products have to be environmentally friendly with high standards for performance .

Адрес: София 1612,
кв. Лагера,
ул. "Балканджи Йово" 9
Телефон: +35929525201
Мобилен тел:+359886243541
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