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Ninety percent of our life takes place indoors. Earth, water, air and fire : these are the four elements by which, applied to natural processes create bricks. These and other ceramic products are characterized by extremely high durability, which are a testament to the many preserved ancient buildings in the world and in our country. Pottery is one of the most environmentally friendly products known to mankind . Anyone who builds with bricks ( clay blocks ), provides comfort and reduces heating costs for life. Durability of ceramics is determined by the fact that it does not rot, does not oxidize, it doesn’t get old and does not decompose, it is not likely to be attacked by microorganisms and has high chemical resistance. The bricks do not burn and do not produce harmful vapors. This reduces the likelihood of damage to the articles or the structure in which they are embedded.

Because of Mirkovo’s new production line we can produce many kinds of products, with different shapes and characteristics. This makes us flexible and competitive to meet the market needs.

Адрес: София 1612,
кв. Лагера,
ул. "Балканджи Йово" 9
Телефон: +35929525201
Мобилен тел:+359886243541
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