Priorities in modern construction are related to energy efficiency and human health. In this context, the construction materials were evaluated except construction and technical properties and their environmental parameters. In manufacturing the ceramic factory Mirkovo takes into account all effects of our products on humans,  the environment and the whole life cycle.

All building elements of the ceramic bodies are characterized by high environmental efficiency, because of their durability and low operating costs.

Construction ceramics is a natural combination of the four life-giving elements.


LAND – clay is among the natural materials

Water – water makes possible the clay molding

Air – drying confers resistance form

FIRE – baking ensures durability of ceramics


Production of building ceramics is related to the following aspects of environmental protection:

  • Saving energy and reducing air pollution due to transport distances redundant-clay deposits are located in close proximity to the plant.
  • Recultivation of land for the extraction of clay.
  • Minimized emissions of harmful gases and dust into the atmosphere thanks to the application of modern technologies.
  • Use of waste products from metallurgical, wood processing and other industries and sectors.
  • Possibilities for the recycling of waste in the production process. During the operation, giving the buildings exhibit the best qualities of ceramic products.
  • Opportunities for recycling in the production process.
  • Harmlessness to human health. Fired ceramic contains no harmful elements. Building ceramics do not pollute the air and does not endanger the health of people in the construction area and operation of components built with it, even in extreme situations such as fire or flood.
  • Ceramics have excellent hygiene and construction properties.
  • In terms of moisture walls built with ceramic elements tend to “breathe.” Due to capillary Structure and low equilibrium moisture pottery take excess moisture and carry it out, or give it back in the room by lowering the moisture in it. Thus, it is impossible to permanently accumulate moisture in building elements and prevent the following adverse effects: development of fungi and micro-organisms that have a negative impact on the residents, and deterioration of the thermal insulation and the like.
  • In terms of thermal insulation capability: Ceramic is the perfect combination of material with low thermal conductivity and high heat inertia, which provides thermal insulation in winter and warm in summer.
  • With regard to noise insulation the brick walls absorb sound even across the frequency range and have a sound absorption coefficient two times higher than that of concrete.
  • In addition to basic functions of the walls can be added and the requirement of ” recyclable materials” as the process of maintenance , refurbishment and demolition are accompanied by a significant amount of waste materials . Ceramic products are characterized by high durability and can be re-used, this is ancient practice. Construction ceramics subjected to processing in this at relatively low power consumption without pollution. Recycled materials can be used for various construction purposes ( for fillings and drainage work , paving for parking lanes , etc.) . Construction ceramics does not pollute the water and soil and therefore does not require special precautions or land disposal .
  • Ceramic factory Mirkovo does not fall within the parks or reserves. According to the project “Establishment of a network of protected areas Natura 2000 in Bulgaria” within the ceramics factory village Mirkovo there are protected areas of the Birds Directive and Habitats Directive, but is close to those under the Habitats Directive.
  • The Habitats Directive nearest protected areas to the location of the site are:

- Etropolje-Baylovo (BG0001043) – territory: 27448.25xa; Approximate distance: 4km. north.

- Central Balkan – buffer (BG0001493) – area: 129 409.06xa; Approximate distance: 6km. northeast.

- Central Balkan – buffer (BG0001493) – area: 129 409.06xa; Approximate distance: 6km. northeast.

- In terms of The Birds Directive in the vicinity of this land does not exist protected area.

Due to the remoteness of protected areas and areas impacts are not expected.

A significant part of our life takes place indoors. Anyone who builds with bricks provides comfort and reduces heating costs for life. Pottery is one of the most environmental friendly products known to mankind . Durability of ceramics is determined by the fact that it does not rot , does not oxidize , does not age , does not decompose , it is not likely to be attacked by microorganisms and has high chemical resistance , which is a testament to the many preserved ancient buildings nowadays. The bricks do not burn and do not produce harmful vapors. All of these advantages reduce the likelihood of damage to the articles or the structure in which they are embedded. The choice of ceramics is a good investment in long term .

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