В новата линия на Керамичен завод Мирково имаме възможност да произвеждаме много видове изделия, различни по форма и характеристики. Това ни прави гъвкави и конкурентно способни да отговорим на нуждите на пазара.



Dimensions ( L x W x H) : mm 250x370x235 Dry density: 750 kg/m3 Averaged weight : 14 kg Hollows : 62% Compressive strength : 3,8 N/mm2 Thermal conductivity of ceramic block with unfilled cavities with insulating material : 0,35 W / mK Unconventional format for Bulgaria are becoming more popular in Europe.  We represent this format for the first time in Bulgaria. There are currently no other plants that produce it in our country. The product has perfect qualities and indisputable advantages over the other ceramic blocks. It is used for the construction of walls with vertical cavities . Large format ceramic block, in which can be embedded insulation. Thus, it becomes protected and therefore much more durable compared to all methods  for the heat insulation of buildings. Due to the innovative nature of the product , it does not gain wide popularity.  Прочети още →

Brick 25 N + F (tongue and groove)


Dimensions (L x W x H): 375 x 250 x 238 mm dry density: 800 kg/m3 averaged Weight: 18 kg hollows: 43% Compressive Strength: 10 N/mm2 Heat transfer of unpainted wall: 0,35 W / mK Because of the България construction specifics this brick is not imposed mass despite the indisputable advantages over traditional formats. Used to build walls with vertical cavity (wall 25 cm).  Прочети още →



Dimensions (L x W x H): mm 240x245x195 Dry density of 850 kg/m3 Averaged weight: 9 kg Hollows: 52% Compressive strength: 4,2 N/mm2 Transmittance of unpainted wall: 0,35 W / mK Unconventional format for Bulgaria. It can be used both for horizontal and vertical masonry. In this way the most interesting is that it can be used in wall 19 cm thiw wall as well as 25 cm wall. It’s widespread in Bulgaria’s neighboring countries. Gaining popularity due to its wide application.  Прочети още →

Brick 3,85 NF


Размери (Д х Ш х В) : 250х250х120 mm Плътност в сухо състояние : 800 кг/m3 Тегло усреднено : 5,2 кг Кухинност : 51 % Якост на натиск : 3,8 N/mm2 Топлопреминаване на неизмазан зид : 0,377 W/m.K Традиционен формат за България и най-популярен към настоящия момент. Произвежда се масово под различни търговски наименования при различните производители. Използва се за хоризонтална зидария, понякога в комбинация с формати 1 NF и 1,92 NF.  Прочети още →

Dobule Brick 1,92 NF


Dimensions (L x W x H): 250x125x120 mm Dry density of 800 kg/m3 Averaged weight: 3.3 kg Hollows: 42% Compressive strength: 3,6 N/mm2 Transmittance of unpainted wall: 0,385 W / mK Traditional format for Bulgaria. Used in combination with the links 3,85 NF in the construction of masonry with horizontal voids.  Прочети още →

Brick 1NG (normal format)


Dimensions (L x W x H): mm 250x120x65   Dry density of 1185 kg/m3   Averaged weight: 2 kg   Hollows: 32%   Compressive strength: 10.5 N/mm2   Transmittance of unpainted wall: 0,65 W / mK   Traditional format for Bulgaria. It was produced before the political changes. It’s used for shafts, chimneys and bearing walls and often “connections” in the use of other traditional bricks. This format has a high density and a small hollows.  Прочети още →

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