tuhl Ceh2004Ceramic factory Mirkovo is owned by “Prolife Technology” Ltd which was established in May 1993. After that the company purchased dysfunctional ceramic factory in Mirkovo, Bulgaria . After 4 month of restoration work the brick production was restored in September 1993. This is the first privately owned factory after the political changes since 1989.

The factory has about 60 employees who work for ten months every year. Between 2001 and 2002  factory was conducted large-scale reconstruction of clay preparation facility which cost over 350 000 lev. This reconstruction has improved the quality dramatically. The


rapid development of construction before the crisis and the insufficient capacity of the Bulgarian factories led to the importation of more bricks from abroad. Considering the above, the company is conducting research on new deposits of clays and improvement of technological processes in the existing plant and increase capacity. The logical development of these processes is  to build a new production line of modern type.

The company owner is the chairman of the Union of Ceramics since 2010.

The production base covers an area over 80,000 sqm where is located the ceramic factory.

At this moment we are building a new production line of most modern type. For this design we have gathered a team of the best specialists in Europe , Bulgaria and Turkey. The factory uses unique technology which is the fruit of our long experience and efforts of our team.



Адрес: София 1612,
кв. Лагера,
ул. "Балканджи Йово" 9
Телефон: +35929525201
Мобилен тел:+359886243541
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